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High speed electrophoresis in 6 minutes by regular agarose in TAE or TBE.

Straight banding technology to eliminate band smile.

Gel size 100mm length x 127mm width. 12-channel pipette compatible.

Max 4 comb slots for 104 lanes


User manual is available upon request. Please send request email to 



 Cat. #  Item description  Price
BA-500 Molecular biology grade agarose, 500g/bottle, for DNA RNA PCR genotyping gel electrophoresis, tested for high speed gel electrophoresis was $365

now $219


Complete RGX100 gel system, including: 1 chamber, 1 cover, 1 UV transparent gel tray, 1 metal casting stand, 1 gel scoop, 1 pair of power cords, and 2 combs 

(Cat. # RGCM-131.5 & RGCM-261.5)

 RGCM - 1307 13 teeth 0.7mm thick comb, 12-channel pipette compatible, max12ul   $26
 RGCM - 1315 13 teeth 1.5mm thick comb, 12-channel pipette compatible, max25ul   $26
 RGCM - 1907 19 teeth 0.7mm thick comb,  max8ul   $26
 RGCM - 1915 19 teeth 1.5mm thick comb, max18ul   $26
 RGCM - 2607 26 teeth 0.7mm thick comb, 12-channel pipette compatible, max5ul   $26
 RGCM - 2615 26 teeth 1.5mm thick comb, 12-channel pipette compatible, max10ul   $26
 RGCM - 3915 39 teeth 1.5mm thick comb, 12-channel pipette compatible, max 5ul   $26
 TR-RGX100 Additional UV transparent gel tray of RGX100  $98

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6Mgel has been offering Guaranteed Return to all customers for 16 years. Any gel equipments can be returned for any reason because 6Mgel quality shows a total of 1 unit being returned and 4 units being repaired among all units sold.


How to see PCR results in only 6 minutes?

How to run high-speed gel with no running buffer

Hot to eliminate agarose gel band smiling?

How to save agarose?

One-step DNA extraction for genotyping PCR

Biotech grade Agarose $368/500g

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Liberty 120 high- speed gel system

One gel tray for 3 gel lengths


See Genotyping / PCR results in 6 minutes