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Liberty 120 Gel System                                        

Most welcomed high speed buffer-less                


See enlarged view of Liberty 120 rapid gel system


Unique features of Liberty 120 gel system:

Agarose saving -- Change gel length as desired to long gel 12.8cm, short gel 4.4cm, or 7.8cm. 


High speed electrophoresis -- Liberty 120 can be used to run high speed electrophoresis with little or without running buffer.


Straight banding technology, 


Cat. #



BA-500 Molecular biology grade agarose, 500g/bottle, for DNA RNA PCR genotyping gel electrophoresis, tested for high speed gel electrophoresis was $365

now $219


Complete Liberty 120 gel system, including: 1 chamber, 1 cover, 1 gel scoop, 1 pair of power cords, 1 pair of electrodes for high speed electrophoresis, and 2 combs (Cat. # CMR-1315 & CMR-2615). Bufferless electrode pair can be ordered late for genotyping gel application (contact for details).

CMS - 1307 13 teeth 0.7mm thick comb, 12-channel pipette compatible, max12ul   $26
CMR - 1315 13 teeth 1.5mm thick comb, 12-channel pipette compatible, max25ul   $26
CMS - 1907 19 teeth 0.7mm thick comb,  max8ul     $26
CMR - 1915 19 teeth 1.5mm thick comb, max18ul   $26
CMS - 2607 26 teeth 0.7mm thick comb, 12-channel pipette compatible, max5ul   $26
CMR - 2615 26 teeth 1.5mm thick comb, 12-channel pipette compatible, max10ul   $26
 CML - 2624 26 teeth 2.4mm thick comb, 12-channel pipette compatible, max15ul    $28
CMR - 3915 39 teeth 1.5mm thick comb, 12-channel pipette compatible, max 5ul   $26

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List of coated coverslips

for cell and neuron culture





Operation Steps:


To have a copy of detailed Liberty gel protocol and tips, please contact


  1. Microwave 95ml agarose gel solution, mix 2ul ethidium bromide, pour it into gel tray, place combs, and let the gel to solidify.

  2. Remove combs, add 300ml deionized water, add little running buffer at both ends, or without running buffer when runing bufferless genotyping gel.

  3. Load samples into wells.

  4. Run gel 220V for 6-12 minutes depending on your sample and application needs.

  5. Take gel picture.