See the problem from electrophoresis diagram below

gel electrophoresis diagram


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 Rapid electrophoresis diagram

genotyping / PCR gel in 6 min.

Electrophoresis Diagram

The following electrophoresis diagram shows Biokeystone novel technology in advanced electrophoresis. From the electrophoresis diagram, electrophoresis current over gel matrix generates massive heat and causes problems. This electrophoresis current is eliminated by using deionized water to replace the buffer (not shown in the electrophoresis diagram.


electrophoresis diagram


  Breakthrough in rapid electrophoresis with no running buffer

  See User Feedback about the performance of buffer-less high speed electrophoresis:

" The Liberty bufferless gel system is the best gel electrophoresis system we've ever used. It's not only easy to set up, robust, and fast, but generates excellent results without the need of running buffer. Highly recommended. See our genotyping service picture below." ---- Ivan Delgado Orlic, President and CEO, Mouse Genotype Co. 



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  MCI: Microfluid Culture Insert

Generating robust cell cultures and co-cultures easily. Especially powerful for primary cell cultures and co-cultures. PLL/collagen coated, optically clear, sterile, ready to use... 


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See Genotyping / PCR results in 6 minutes


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