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Biotech grade Agarose 

tested for rapid gel in 6 minutes

Specialty Agarose

Tested extensively by 6Mgel experts to ensure excellent performance for both high-speed and traditional submarine agarose gel electrophoresis using TAE, TBE, or MOPS buffer.  


Gelling temperature              35 C

Melting temperature             87 C

Gel strength                         1450 g/cm

Electroendoosmosis (EEO)    0.12

Sulfate                                 0.2%

DNase/RNase                    None detected


Cat # Product description  Unit price
BAP-100 Biotech grade specialty agarose for high speed gel electrophoresis, 100g  $168.00
BAP-250 Biotech grade specialty agarose for high speed gel electrophoresis, 250g  $268.00
BAP-500 Biotech grade specialty agarose for high speed gel electrophoresis, 500g  $368.00

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6Mgel has been offering Guaranteed Return to all customers for 16 years. Any gel equipments can be returned for any reason because 6Mgel quality shows a total of 2 unit being returned and 4 units being repaired among all units sold.

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Biotech grade Agarose $368/500g

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