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Smart Buffer

High-speed agarose gel in 6 minutes

neuron culture axon terminals

Smart Buffer 100X

Smart buffer is compatible to both high-speed gel electrophoresis and traditional low speed gel electrophoresis. When using smart buffer with your old gel system, you will be able to increase  your sample migration 1.5 fold faster.

Smart buffer at 1x concentration is used for both pouring agarose gels and running electrophoresis.

 CAT. #     Smart Buffer  Price

Smart buffer, 100X concentrated stock solution for 5 Gallon 1x working buffer for both gel preparation and electrophoresis


Smart buffer, 100X concentrated stock solution for 10 Gallon 1x working buffer for both gel preparation and electrophoresis



   The Breakthrough of high-speed electrophoresis without running buffer

  See User Feedback about the performance of buffer-less high speed electrophoresis:

" The Liberty bufferless gel system is the best gel electrophoresis system we've ever used. It's not only easy to set up, robust, and fast, but generates excellent results without the need of running buffer. Highly recommended. See our genotyping service picture below." ---- Ivan Delgado Orlic, President and CEO, Mouse Genotype Co. 




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6Mgel has been offering Guaranteed Return to all customers for 16 years. Any gel equipments can be returned for any reason without rejection. 6Mgel quality shows a total of 2 unit being returned and 4 units being repaired among all units sold.




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